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Integrated Regional Operational Programme (2021-2027)

The priority of IROP is to enable a balanced territorial development, improvement of the infrastructure, improvement of public services and public administration and ensuring sustainable development in municipalities, cities and regions. 


  • Regional transport connectivity linked to the TEN-T (Class II roads)
  • Development of urban, suburban and regional transport (incl. the rolling stock, transfer terminals, etc.)
  • Development of cycling infrastructure
  • Improving the quality of local education infrastructure
  • Social housing
  • Effective security of public administration information systems and adequate response to growing cyber threats
  • Infrastructure of social services
  • Enhancing public health protection
  • Modernizing emergency admission units
  • Integrated oncological, perinatological and gerontological care
  • Psychiatric care
  • Follow-up and long-term care
  • Digitization and client-oriented public administration
  • Improving public spaces in towns and municipalities including green infrastructure
  • Population protection and risk prevention
  • Cultural heritage and tourism
  • Community-led local development

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